Q & A with Tracy, aka Beautiee

How and why did you start writing?
Writing is how I alleviate stress, writing is how I deal with pain, writing is where I am in control, and writing is where I can create happy endings.

What was the one thing you enjoyed about writing the ‘How Far Are You Willing To Go? Murder Is Just The Beginning’ series?

I really enjoyed writing from the male point of view. I would write a few pages, then show it to my husband to see if he agreed that men would actually say what I wrote.

What was the one thing you enjoyed about writing the ‘Twisted’ series?
I enjoyed twisting and turning the sex up as well as the characters.

Are you writing more books? Is there another series coming?
Yes, I am writing more books, Yes there is another series coming.

What is the one thing all your books have in common?
Someone always has to die… and they do.

Why are your chapters so long as you get further into the series?
I don’t plan the length of my chapters – they just happen. When I reach a point where it’s finished, I stop. If I feel it’s not finished, I keep writing.

Why should readers buy your books?

  • You’ll get a series with characters that you’ll get to know and fall in love with as opposed to different books with similar stories.
  • You’ll get one series that takes place in Fairfield County, CT, and you’ll get a second series that’s a sequel to the first series that takes place in Fairfield County, CT.
  • You’ll get a series that takes place in Westchester County, NY.
  • You’ll have two choices – a 5-book sexually explicit series for those that want the heat turned up – or a 3-book series rated PG – for those that want the heat turned down.

If you had to choose one writer as a mentor, who would that be?

Michael Baisden is definitely my mentor. He inspires other writers, he encourages other writers, and when I met with him he gave advice on how to market my books.

How do you beat writer’s block?

You don’t. When I get writer’s block, I put down the pen, I put down the paper, and I don’t pick it back up until I’m ready to write again. I see writer’s block as ‘writer’s break.’ The more you write, the more breaks you need. Take them. It will make you a better writer.

What is the one piece of advice you’d give to aspiring authors?
My one piece of advice is, “Your worst book is your best book.” I say this because your worst book will teach you everything you need to know about writing. You can’t fix what isn’t written. Pick up the pen and write!

Why should authors come to you for help with publishing?

I’ve been told by a lot of people, “I want to write a book but I don’t know where to start.” My book, ‘Turn Your Story Into A Beautiful Publication,’ will help them get started, get them motivated, and get them published.

You’ve spent your career in City and County government. Will you ever write a book about the City of Yonkers or the County of Westchester?
Hell No! This is my playground.

Your main characters have had to deal with the Police as well as Detectives. In your career in City and County government, did you ever work for the Police Department? If so, are you still working with law enforcement?

When I worked for the City of Yonkers, I worked in the 2nd Precinct for a few months. Before I retired, I worked with Detectives and Administrative Law Judges for Westchester County.

Will you ever write an autobiography?
I’m not sure. I’m having more fun following my passion, Urban Fiction; however, I have shared some of my story in the following books:

Twisted Beautiee
Turn Your Story Into A Beautiful Publication
Obsidian Heart
Coffee Is Served

How did you decide on your covers?

‘How Far Are you willing to Go? Murder Is Just The Beginning’ – I wanted a couple that was real, raw, and vulnerable like the couple in the series. The first cover depicts that perfectly. As soon as I saw the couple, I knew I found us. The resemblance is uncanny.

‘Twisted Beautiee’ – I became friends with Jay covers in facebook and I admired his covers so much that I contacted him and told him I wanted to update my covers in my first series, but I wanted to keep the same couple. At the same time, I told him I was working on another series, gave him a brief synopsis, and he showed me a custom cover he had recently designed. I asked him if he had more photos of the same couple and he did, so I purchased the custom cover from him and asked him to create more for me. Jay Covers has this unique ability to create a cover that actually tells the story.

‘Twisted Starr’ – I was still working on the ‘Twisted Beautiee’ series when Jay Covers posted a custom cover that I fell in love with. At the time, it didn’t quite fit the series I was working on but I had a story I started some time ago and the cover fit perfectly. I continued working on the ‘Twisted Beautiee’ series but I just couldn’t get that cover out of my mind, and I couldn’t let anyone else buy it, so I bought it. Jay Covers asked me if I was sure I wanted a cover that was different from my other covers and I explained to him that when Beautiee was in jail she met someone named Mary and the young lady on this custom cover was her daughter.

How did you come up with the titles for each series?

  • ‘How Far Are You Willing To Go?’ is a question we all ask and answer every day throughout our lives, no matter what we’re going through or where we’re at in life. It applies to politics, religion, business, and personal situations, it’s a question we can all relate to, and it’s a question we all have in common.
  • ‘Twisted Beautiee’ came from my alter ego, ‘Beautiee’ – those that follow Beautiee in social media get it.
  • ‘Twisted Starr’ is the sequel series to ‘Twisted Beautiee’ – Starr is Beautiee’s step-daughter.
  • ‘Twisted Mary’ is the end of the ‘Twisted’ series but can also be a standalone.

According to recent reviews, some readers feel that your sub-title, ‘Murder is Just the Beginning’ is misleading because no one gets murdered in book 1. Do you agree?

The sub-title isn’t misleading – it’s actually leading. This is a 5-book series so the sub-title tells you what’s coming. Once you read the remaining books in the series, you’ll understand.

Are you anything like your main character?

In some ways I am very much like my main character but in some ways I’m not. I’ve had some readers that know me tell me they could see me to an extent, but I’ve also had some readers that know me tell me, “Naaa… you wouldn’t do that…”

How did you come up with the names of your characters?

‘How Far Are You Willing To Go? Murder Is Just The Beginning’ – Anybody that knows anything about us knows we love the NBA. We’ve watched, agreed, and debated some of the best games and some of the best players. This is where Jordan got his name.

Trenice was a contestant on American Idol. As soon as I heard her name, I knew she would be me.

Char is short for Charlotte. Charlotte is the middle name of my favorite supervisor I had when I worked for the City of Yonkers. I can’t tell you who she is unless it’s okay with her.

Carl is someone I worked with in the Department of Social Services. when I started writing a love interest for Char, he didn’t have a name or a face in the beginning but as I got deeper into creating him, I pictured Carl and he fit perfectly.

Jake is my dad’s name.

Tyler Marshall is my newphew and my uncle’s name combined to create the law firm, ‘Tyler Marshall & Associates.’

Vanessa is my first realtor from Weichert Realty.

Greg is really my stylist.

Trudy is someone I worked with in the Department of Social Services. She was loved by many and she is now retired.

Claire is from the series, ‘Six Feet Under,’ on HBO.

My ‘Friends’ are all real people. I kept most of their real names to keep it genuine. I had a lot of fun writing what they would do or say, and I always pictured them when I was writing about them. Most of what I wrote about them didn’t happen, but it could have. We rode to work together or home together every day, and sometimes we would get together after work. The bond we had was deep and real. Today, I’m still in contact with them on social media even though many of them have re-located to Maryland, Texas, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia.

How did Araura get her name?

My husband named her. One night after we went to bed I told him Trenice was going to tell Jordan she was pregnant and I asked him what should we name the baby and he said, “Araura.” As soon as he told me her name, I said, “Okay – we’ll spell her name A-R-A-U-R-A,” then we went to sleep. The next day, I googled Araura and discovered that our baby was name after Araura College, the only secondary school on Aitutaki, Cook Islands, established in February, 1963 – the month and year I was born. We had no idea!

How did you come up with the ‘Tree?’

My grandfather’s name on my mother’s side is John Marshall Thompson. My father’s brother’s name is Marshall Thompson. My mother’s side of the family is from New York and my father’s side of the family is from North Carolina. I took that and added more branches, and created Trudy.

‘Twisted Beautiee’ – In this series, my husband is actually named after my husband’s uncle. In addition to adding more friends from facebook, I took my brothers, my sisters, my neice, her husband, and my daughter and gave them all unique titles and positions.

‘Twisted Starr’ – Starr is my middle name – and in this series, she’s my stepdaughter. A lot of the main characters from ‘Twisted Beautiee’ crossed over into this series, but I also added another neice and her husband, my aunt, and my uncle, and my youngest son to this twisted sequel.

Have you ever had an out-of-body experience?


How did News 12 of Westchester make it into your books?

News 12 has been a part of my life for over 20 years.

The first time I was interviewed by News 12 I was interviewed by John Goff the first time I was layed off from the City of Yonkers.

The seond time I was interviewed by News 12 I was quoted by Janine Rose when I went to a union rally to save our jobs a second time with the City of Yonkers and I told Mayor Zaleski, “We don’t need you to stand behind the podium – we need you to stand behind your word.”

The third time I was interviewed by News 12 I was interviewed by Amy Nay when I sang to the County Executive, Andrew Spano, in front of the Board of Legislators at 148 Martine Avenue, in their chambers. At that time, the CSEA union was fighting for a fair contract and I changed the words in, ‘God Rest Ye’ Merry Gentlemen’ and sang, ‘To save us all from Spano’s power.’