Stalked By Magic


This is NOT a novel about the NBA player, Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson.

Magic presented himself as a corny, nerdy, bashful guy to get close to Lina – and it worked! Unbeknownst to her, he’s actually quite the opposite – he’s sophisticated, intellectual, and sociable. Lina’s happy when she discovers that Magic is actually sophisticated, intellectual, and sociable but as some of his undesirable traits begin to surface, she begins to question his true motives and realizes he isn’t the man she thought he was. Will she be able to get out of the relationship before it’s too late?

Happy New Year

Chelle was looking forward to finding her ‘Dexter’ in Bermuda and now that she’s found him, their lives begin to take a dramatic turn the moment their plane lands back in Westchester.  As soon as they get off the plane, they’re met by the police and Darnell is taken to another room for questioning.  Once she finds out who Darnell really is, will she still want him or will she run?  Find out what happens next in this Urban Erotic, Psychotic, Suspense series.

Happy New Year 2

Chelle finally tells Darnell what she’s been keeping from him but will they get past it?  Things take a dramatic turn when Ron blurts out that Chelle is fucking Dana’s husband and proves it by showing her a picture of them taken at the airport before they went to Bermuda, but after he meets with her attorney, he suffers expensive consequences.  How will this all end?  Find out what happens in the conclusion of this Urban Erotic, Psychotic, Suspense series.

You Want It? Just Ask

*WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT* If you’ve read the ‘How Far Are You Willing To Go?’ series, you’ll remember ‘Just Ask’  and you’ll also remember that Jordan & Trenice had a night they’ll never forget.  If you haven’t read the ‘How Far Are You Willing To Go?’ series, this Flash Fiction will be an eye-opening, erotic series that will intrigue, entice, and satisfy your curiosity in one complete paperback!

The Bridal Shower

Char planned a wonderful Bridal Shower for Trenice; however, unbeknownst to her, Trenice had plans of her own and invited the men to participate.  Once the men joined in, ‘The Bridal Shower’ went left… then right… and then things got twisted!

If you’ve read the ‘How Far Are You Willing To Go?’ series, you’ll recognize the main couple on the top-right corner of the cover and you’ll re-experience the wild ride now that a visual has been created and ‘The Bridal Shower’ has been brought to life.

If you haven’t read the ‘How Far Are You Willing To Go?’ series, ‘The Bridal Shower’ will introduce you to the series and give you a taste of what’s to come!

Caught In The Middle

“Darien… Baby… I can explain…”

“I know everything I need to know…” he said as he put down the gun and began taking off his clothes…

“Darien… what are you doing?”  Darien didn’t answer me – he just finished getting undressed, got in the bed, and pulled the sheet back…  “Darien…” I started to say…

“Come to bed…” he commanded.  I didn’t move.  I just stood there and looked at him as Dexter stood behind me…  “Come to bed… please…” he said as he held his arms open for me to climb in…

“Please… don’t hurt me… I’m sorry…” I whispered as I started crying…

“I’m not here to hurt you… I’m here to join you…”

Coffee Is Served


I did a ‘coffee’ search in my books and I began to realize that my characters drink more coffee than anything else, so I’m giving you a book filled with coffee; however, I must warn you – you’ll never look at coffee the same way again!  You’ll be reading chapters from the following books:

Bazil & Lydia Osgood – Erotic Zombies 3, Caught In The Middle, Helen, Harmony, How Far Are You Willing To Go? 3, How Far Are You Willing To Go? 5, My Christmas Miracle, Obsidian Heart, Obsidian Heart 2, The Ultimate Con, The Ultimate Con 2, Thirst Quencher, Thirst Quencher 2, Twisted Beautiee, Twisted Beautiee 3, Twisted Beautiee 5, Twister Starr, Twisted Starr 2, Twisted Mary, Twisted Mary 3


Coffee Complement

This journal is the perfect ‘Complement’ to your cup of coffee.  Use the following pages while you’re sipping to take notes in school, in meetings, on your way to and from work, in the airport, on the plane, on vacation, or wherever you happen to be at the moment.  Keep it on the nightstand so whenever you dream, you can write your dreams down so you don’t forget them.  Write down your memories or create new memories.  Don’t be embarrassed to blush or smile.

Erotic Zombies

“You’re not going to believe it…”  “Try me…” I said as we sat down at the table.  Bazil sighed before he began…
“The zombies… are my parents…”  “Your parents?  That explains it…” I said as I sipped my drink…
“Explains it?  What are you talking about?”  “Jay and I were watching you – we saw you talking – we saw you get angry – Jay said the monsters made Daddy mad…”  “Beautiee!  Why would you let him watch what was happening?!”  “Really?  You’re really asking me why I let your son watch you argue with zombies?”

Erotic Zombies 2

“Della – I’m standing here with Brooke Bethea.  We’re at the New Stratford Motor Inn in Stratford, which is directly across the street from St. Michael’s Cemetery – go ahead Brooke – tell us what you saw…”

“They we’re going crazy!  I took my phone out to record it they were running all around the cemetery, knocking over tombstones, and fuckin’! – Oh – ‘xcuse my language…”

“That’s okay – Della – I’m crossing the street and moving closer to the cemetery – can you see what’s going on in there?”  “I sure can – if it wasn’t for the gate, they might be in the street…”

Bazil & Lydia Osgood

If you’ve read Erotic Zombies, you’re already familiar with Bazil & Lydia.  This is their story told from the father’s point of view.

Imagine waking up after death, only to find out the man you killed in life, your nemesis, was coming for you in death to claim the one thing he always wanted in life – your wife.  You’ve already killed him and you aren’t strong enough to stop him so you have no choice – you use your inability to control your sexual urges to reach out to your son.  After getting over the initial shock that his parents have come back from the dead, he agrees to help you.  Will he succeed or will your nemesis end up with your wife in eternity?

Erotic Zombies In The UK

John was depressed and thought of suicide daily.  When he was at his lowest, he reached out to Claire from the book club, ‘Tales on Tuesdays’ and it was just what he needed.  Shortly after he joined the Facebook group, he was promoted to Administrator & Moderator, and he was beginning to feel like himself again.  Just when John thought he was on his way back, his deceased wife, Kate, came to visit and John began to spiral.  His friends didn’t believe him, he began to withdraw, and, unbeknownst to him, Bazil’s deceased nemesis & ex-lover, Trevor, was watching.  When Trevor shows up and offers to help John join his wife, things take an erotic, psychotic, horrific turn for the worst.  Will John join his wife in the afterlife?  Will Trevor succeed in having Bazil join him or will their reunion end with his death?  Find out what happens next in the final book of this erotic, psychotic, horrific, paranormal thriller series.


“I’m going to put a stop to this right now!” he exclaimed a she opened the door… “Why the fuck didn’t you answer your phone?” Helen snapped as she pushed her way in… “Excuse me – I didn’t say you could come in!” I snapped… “Why the fuck didn’t you answer your phone?” she snapped again, ignoring me… “GET OUT!” I screamed… “Answer me Harland!” “GET THE FUCK OUT!” I screamed as I charged over towards her and just as I was about to push her out the house, he stopped me… “Let’s go…” he sighed as he guided his mother out the door. He turned to look at me, mouthed I’m sorry, and closed the door behind him…


“Hello Helen…” I greeted as I walked into my bedroom… “I see you like big dicks…” she replied as she turned to face me and started shaking the dick in her hand… “That’s your son’s dick…” I lied as I continued recording… “This isn’t my son’s dick – it’s yours! And when I leave here, I’m going to tell everyone I know! I told you – you’ll never be rid of me – you’ll never beat me!” “You might wanna wash your hands…” I laughed… “I forgot to clean it after I fucked your son in the ass last night…” I lied… “You’re lying! My son would never!” “He’d never admit it…” I laughed… “But he loves it…” “We’ll see about that!” she gritted… “You might wanna get dressed…” “I’ll get dressed when I’m ready – you know what – on second thought – I’m not getting dressed – you should just give me this outfit – it looks better on me anyway…” “You can have it – I don’t think the police will mind…” I said as I stopped the live, posted it to facebook, and left the bedroom…
“Police? You’re having me arrested?” “I sure am…” I said as I started downstairs…

His Best Friend

Randall and Rashad have been friends since kindergarten. After graduating from Harvard, they decided to go into business together. R & R Gym was opened and it was a win-win for clients as well as employees. Clarisse was looking for a small gym and when she went to inquire at R & R, there was something about Rashad that made her very uncomfortable. Just as she was about to leave, Randall caught up to her and convinced her to give their gym a chance. Randall and Clarisse started dating and things were going good between them, but Rashad was tired of hearing Randall say he was willing to wait for what he wanted and when Rashad takes it upon himself to help his friend, the situation takes a psychotic turn for the worse. Will Randall get what he wants in the end? Will Rashad survive?

How Far Are You Willing To Go? I (Explicit)

“Your offer stands? I wish your mattress stood like your offer – then maybe we wouldn’t be spending Saturday
morning in this fuckin’ office…” Bernice’s eyes damn near popped out of her head along with Tyler’s and Jordan’s.
“Miss Robertson, please,” Gordon interjected… “Please what? Huh?” I got so close to that man Jordan and Tyler stood up at the same time. Jordan put his hand on my shoulder and Tyler sat back down. I remained standing, but I was nowhere through… “Please what?!” I got even louder… “Please forget that I could’ve broken my back? Please forget that the hotel staff and paramedics saw me sprawled out ass out? Please forget that what was supposed to be a night of passion turned into the night from hell? Please forget that I got a permanent fuckin’ scar on my forhead? Please forget that Jordan was accused of raping me? Is that what you want me to do?”

How Far Are You Willing To Go? II (Explicit)

“Bitch, didn’t I tell you mind your fucking business?” Once we heard the rumbling we knew what was going on…”Get the fuck off me bitch!” Sissy yelled. Jordan and I were laughing with our hands over our mouths as we could tell that my mother was choking her… “Trudy, get the fuck off me!” my mother yelled. “Trenice come back…” Jordan tried to stop me but I was in the door already… “Get the fuck off my mother!” I yelled as I snatched Aunt Trudy by the back of the shirt… “Bitch please,” Aunt Trudy said as she pushed me to the floor… “Bang!”

How Far Are You Willing To Go? III (Explicit)

How Far Are You Willing To Go III (Explicit) “I just wanted everything to be perfect,”I cried as he stroked my hair. “Everything is perfect,” he said as he picked up my face and kissed me. “We’re here. Together. I don’t give a damn about the food. I just wanna make love to you,” he said as he pulled my face to his and kissed me passionately.” I wanna make love to you too,” I whispered as I started crying again. “Now that’s more like it,” he said as he started to lift up my skirt. “Trenice what the hell is this on your skirt? Is this blood?”

How Far Are You Willing To Go? IV (Explicit)

“So you gonna tell us what happened or do I have to make you tell us?” “I don’t have the energy to keep you from tickling me Rachel so let’s just eat – but I have to do one more thing before we eat…” “Ok Trenice – go ‘head.” “Can we all hold hands?” I asked. “Ok,” Jordan said as he took Rachel and Jake’s hands on the right side of the table and I took Jake and Rachel’s hands on the left side of the table.”Dear Lord, thank you for this food. Thank you for sending us such wonderful husbands. Thank you for showing me that I am not alone in this world and for being there with me when no one else could hear me. Thank you for bringing me back. Amen.” “Amen!” they all said in unison. “Trenice?” “Yea Rachel?” “What did you mean by that?”

How Far Are You Willing To Go? V (Explicit)

“Lord, please don’t let us wind up in jail,” I prayed as her husband grabbed Jordan around the waist and started kissing him on the back of the neck… “Oh hell no!” Jordan yelled as he turned around and was face to face with her husband. “Something wrong?” he asked. “You gotta back up off me with that,” Jordan said as he pushed her husband away from him. As her husband put his hands up and backed away from Jordan his wife pulled me close to her and started kissing me on my neck as she said, “I thought we could play with you…” “We wanna play – but not with you,” I snapped as I pushed her back.

In The Arms Of A Gangster

‘In The Arms Of A Gangster’ is Beautiee’s Biography – the story within the story – as told by her in ‘Twisted Beautiee.’ In the ‘Twisted Beautiee’ series, Beautiee starts writing her story in prison, publishes it, and then talks about her book while being interviewed by Oprah.

The main difference between ‘In The Arms Of A Gangster’ and ‘Twisted Beautiee’ is that ‘Twisted Beautiee’ is the beginning of a 12-book series that introduces you to Bazil & Beautiee, and gives you more details whereas ‘In The Arms Of A Gangster’ is a 2-book series with a lot of details left out.

If you don’t want to read a 5-book series and if you don’t mind missing out on a few details, then ‘In The Arms Of A Gangster’ is perfect for you; however, once you’ve read ‘In The Arms Of A Gangster,’ you’ll want to know what happens next.

In The Arms Of A Gangster 2

‘In The Arms Of A Gangster’  – Beautiee’s Biography – the story within the story – as told by her in ‘Twisted Beautiee’  – Part 2

Beautiee’s released; however, her release is short-lived when their attorney informs them the Grand Jury found probable cause, issues an indictment, and her bond gets  revoked.  Beautiee turns herself in and on her first night, she gets attacked by another inmate and after she meets with her attorney, she gets sexually harassed by an officer.  Beautiee & Bazil’s private lives are exposed to the Judge, the Prosecutor, and the Jury as they listen to witnesses by day, only for Beautiee to return to jail every night.  Beautiee survives her ordeal but once the Jury reaches a verdict, no one is prepared for what happens next.

Joy & Pain - Life In The Key of Me

This book is a compiliation of songs written by me over the last 20 years. Some of the songs have been written into books already published by me, and some of them are waiting to be written into books published by me.

My Christmas Miracle

I laughed to myself as I thought about how conversations would go if our parents only knew how we interacted with each other before we reached our destination. They had no idea how boring it was inside our father’s balls or how confused we were when we were shot down the throat instead of being shot into the vagina. Whenever sperm was shot down the throat we were really confused – imagine going straight down to the bottom of an acid volcano, only to be burned alive before they knew what was happening – or better yet – being spit into a cloth or a toilet! If I had a choice, I’d rather feed Mommy – at least I’d be serving a purpose before I die, unless Mommy’s allergic to semen. Personally, I believe that no one is really allergic to semen because if that’s the case, the same thing would happen to the vagina. I think what’s really happening is that the sperm realize they’re not where they’re supposed to be and those symptoms described are actually the sperm having tantrums as children due when they’re angry – LOL!

Obsidian Heart

Obsidian has always been able to keep his legacy intact and maintain his collection of crystals, gemstones, & spheres, which have been passed down through three generations – but when he meets Amber, his wife Jade realizes that Amber is a threat to their marriage that must be eliminated and things take a psychotic turn for the worse. Will Obsidian be reunited with his Queen in this life – or will Jade succeed in eliminating Amber again as she has in a past life?

Obsidian Heart 2

Jade is putting Obsidian through hell, as expected. After a few conversations with her attorney, he realizes it’s in his best interest to give in to her demands. Amber convinces Obsidian to visit Jade one last time to get closure and when he finds Jade in his house, the passion they once had between them is re-ignited, only for the flames to be put out once she reveals she’s pregnant. Not only does Obsidian have to tell Amber his wife is pregnant, he also has to tell Amber he slept with his wife again. Will this be the end of their relationship or will their relationship survive?

The Ultimate Con

“You have a beautiful wife…” “Thank you…” “I’d give anything to spend a night in the arms of a woman as beautiful as she is…” “Anything?” “I don’t understand…” “My wife and I have always fantasized about having threesomes…” “I’m not interested…” “Not me… my wife…” “Are you saying you’d indulge me?” “Depends on what you’re willing to do…” “What’s it going to cost me?” “A few hours…under one condition…” “What’s the condition?” “I get to watch…” “I don’t know if I can do that…” “I guess you’re not willing to do anything…” “Wait…” “Yes?” “I’ll do it…” “You understand I’m watching…” “As long as that’s all you do… I’ll see you later tonight…” “What time?” “8 pm…”

The Ultimate Con 2 - Justice Is Served

“That man you conned was my friend…” “I didn’t have shit to do with his death!” “You had everything to do with his death…” “I didn’t kill him!” “He owed some people money… he couldn’t pay them because you took his money… he’s dead because of you…” “Look – I’m sorry about your friend…” “Sorry doesn’t bring him back…” “I know – I didn’t know – I wasn’t trying to get him killed…” “Someone has to pay…” “Here – take it!” Flick exclaimed as he threw the bag at Bazil… “That’s not enough…” Bazil said as he picked up the bag… “That’s all I got!” Flick exclaimed… “That’s not all you got…” Bazil said as he went over to Sonovia and pulled her to him… “No… please… not my wife… take me…”

Thirst Quencher

“There you are!” she squealed when she saw me.  I took my time going down the hall to her as I began smiling mischievously.  As I walked towards her I wondered what her husband would do to her if he found out she had my dick in her mouth once a week… and I laughed to myself…

“Unbuckle my belt…” I commanded… “Yes my Thirst Quencher…” she breathed as she sat up, grabbed my buckle, loosened it, and moved my pants down off my ass… “Suck my dick…” I commanded… “You like that my Thirst Quencher?” she asked as she looked up at me… “Yeesss….” I lied.  I didn’t hate it – but I was at work – and today was payday – so I had to turn it up a notch… “Suck it!” I growled as I grabbed the back of her head with both hands and pushed my dick in her mouth further…

Twisted Beautiee

“Oh… I get it… you finally got some pussy so now you’re in love…”
“Fuck you Trevor!”
“Soon my love… so tell me… when will I get some pussy…”
“NEVER!  I’ll kill you first!”
“Damn… that good huh?”
“So you think she’ll be down with us?  Remember what happened with the last one…
“That was unfortunate…”
“You loved her too Bazil… and she left you… they all leave you…”
“She didn’t leave me Trevor…”
“What do you mean Bazil?’
“I couldn’t let her leave me…”
“Bazil… please tell me you didn’t…”
“I did… and if Beautiee ever tries to leave me… I’ll do it again…”

Twisted Beautiee 2

“I never meant to hurt you…,” he sighed.
“Yea – you and Bazil have that in common,” I laughed.
“Look Beautiee… we couldn’t help it…”
“Don’t waste your breath Trevor,” I interrupted as I got up to leave.  “Ya know – it’s a shame you’re not straight,” I said as I put my gun in my bag and I put my bag on my shoulder.  “You’re nice lookin’, you have a good job, a nice portfolio, and a nice dick – you could use a refresher course in how to please a woman but overall, I’d say you have potential,” I said as I put on my coat and headed towards the door…

Twisted Beautiee 3

“Yes my Thirst Quencher… OH MY GOD!!!  BAZIL!!!!” I screamed as Dr. Preston came rushing into the room with Nurse Trinity…
“Mrs. Osgood… we need you to leave… Dr. Preston said as he pushed past me along with Nurse Trinity…  “On three… One… Two… Three!” Dr. Preston yelled as he tried to revive Bazil with the defibrillator… “Again!  On three… One… Two… Three!” Dr. Preston yelled again as he tried again to revive Bazil with the defibrillator to no avail…  “Again!”
“Dr. Preston…” Nurse Trinity whispered…
“I said again!  On three… One… Two… Three!”  Dr. Preston yelled as he tried one last time to revive Bazil with the defibrillator… “Call it…” he breathed.
“11:30 p.m.” Nurse Trinity said.
“I’m so sorry Mrs. Osgood,” Dr. Preston said as he put his hand on my shoulder… and I collapsed to the floor…

Twisted Beautiee 4

“Judge Duffey – your wife is on line one – she asked me to – what the hell is that?” the Bailiff asked as he looked over Judge Duffey’s shoulder and saw him watching us…
“What’s it look like?” Judge Duffey answered, smiling mischievously…
“It looks like they’re fucking in your chambers!  I’ma go put a stop to this shit right now!”
“Leave it…” Judge Duffey ordered as he continued watching us…
“Leave it?”
“Very well – I’ll go tell you wife you’re in the middle of something…”
“Yes… do that…” Judge Duffey said as the Bailiff closed the door.  Judge Duffey put his hand under the desk, pulled his dick out, and began stroking it as he continued watching us…

Twisted Beautiee 5

“Dontress bought me another drink… tee hee hee…” I giggled…
“Thank you Dontress…” Bazil said as he pulled me close to him…
“You’re welcome – would you like a drink as well?”
“No thank you,” Bazil answered…
“I saw you both dancing earlier… May I dance with you?”
“That’s up to my wife…”
“Would you like to dance with her… my Thirst Quencher?”
“Only if you join us…” Bazil breathed…
“Okay…” I breathed as Bazil took us both onto the dance floor.  We were all dancing to the beat of something besides the music and we were both holding onto Bazil.  Bazil leaned towards me and kissed me fully and, to our surprise, Dontress pulled Bazil’s face to her, and kissed him.  Before I could react, Bazil turned to me and kissed me again, pulling me closer this time, kissing me longer… and, just like before, Dontress pulled Bazil’s face to her and kissed him again.  I could tell Bazil was hesitating and wasn’t sure if I was comfortable with what was happening so I pulled Dontress closer and kissed her while we both held on to Bazil…

Twisted Starr

“You have a collect call from an inmate at the Bridgeport Correctional Facility – will you accept the call?”
“Yes I will…” I said…
“Hey Starr…”
“Hey Mommy…”
“How’d everything go?”
“Oh Mommy… it was wonderful…” I sighed…
“Starr… please don’t tell me… you fucked him – didn’t you?”
“Not yet… but I’m going to…”
“Starr! What the hell’s a matter with you?”
“Starr – I need you to stay focused!”
“Oh I’m focused alright…” I laughed…
“Dammit Starr!  I didn’t set this up for you to get some dick – I set this up so we could get revenge!”
“Well – I’ma get some dick whether you set it up or not…” I laughed…

Twisted Starr 2

“You called the cops on me?  You Lil’ Bitch…”
“Mary – that’s enough!” Chandler yelled as I jumped up to let him in…
“Mind your fuckin’ business Chandler!”
“Starr is my business – and so are you – and you’re not going to call her a Bitch again – not while I’m here…”
“What are you gonna do Sergeant?  You gonna arrest me?”
“Mommy!  Stop it!”
“Starr – let’s go…” Chandler said…  “No!”
“Did you just tell me no?”
“Yes… I said no… I’m not leaving – not yet…”  Chandler didn’t say anything.  He went to the table, pulled out a chair, and sat down… then I went in…  “Mommy – you would be in a shelter right now if it wasn’t for me!”
“So what – I didn’t suffer enough?  Now you expect me to go down to welfare and get cash and food stamps?  And pay your father rent?”
“You were fine with me going down to welfare when I lost my job – so why can’t you go down to welfare?”
“I shouldn’t have to go down to welfare – you have a job…”

Twisted Starr 3

“Please… just tell me what I can do… I’ll do anything…” Mary said as she started crying…
“That’s what I wanted to hear…” Conrad said as he turned her around to face him… “Now… go get dressed…” he said as he let her go and he sat back at his desk…  “Okay…” Mary whispered as she went into the bathroom, got dressed, and came back into the office with Conrad…  “Now… you owe me $50,000… plus legal feels…”  “Okay…”  “If you run me my money in 10 days… I’ll waive the legal fees – if not…”  “What?”  “You’ll work with an associate of mine… until your debt is paid…”  “Oh hell no…”  “Oh hell yes…”  “Fuck it – you can have the pussy if you want it – I’d rather do that…” she said as she started to take off her clothes…  “You don’t understand…” Conrad said…  “I’m not selling my ass…”  “I won’t force you… but if you don’t run me my money in 10 days…” Conrad said as he stood up from behind the desk and approached her… “and if you’re not willing to sell your ass…” he said as he pulled her close and held her tight against him… “then I’ll take out an insurance policy… you’ll meet with an untimely death… and I’ll collect…” he said as he kissed her… “You see… I’ma get my money… one way or the other…”  “Let go of me!” Mary snapped…  “Of course…” Conrad said as he let go of her and went and sat back behind his desk… “Remember… 10 days…” he said as Mary ran out…”

Twisted Mary

“Oh please – you can miss me with the cumbia bullshit – when you were in labor I helped your ass deliver your son – now you wanna act like you don’t know who the fuck I am!” I snapped…
“Yes Mary – you certainly did help me – here’s a gift certificate to the Classic Nails and Day Spa at Trumbull Mall to repay you for your kindness…” Beautiee said as she handed me an envelope… “Are we done now – or is there something else we need to discuss?”
“Well – now that you mention it – why were you so adamant that I couldn’t be invited to your baby shower?”
“I’m so glad you asked me that…” Beautiee said as she picked up a corn muffin, buttered it, and started eating it…  “Our friends are throwing us a baby shower to celebrate the birth of our son – they’re not throwing us a celebration of baby mommas – personally – I’d rather not have a shower to celebrate the fact that we both have a child with my husband – what would we be doing anyway – taking a trip down memory lane – comparing notes as to who sucked my husband’s dick the longest?”

Twisted Mary 2

“I can’t believe we’re doing this…” Wayne breathed as he took off his clothes…
“I’m so excited – when we get in the water I wanna go deep – and I want you to fuck me in the water…” I breathed…
“Okay…” Wayne breathed as he took my hand and we ran into the water…
“Oh yes… this feels so good…”
“It does feel good…”
“Finally – a moment away from the kids…” I laughed…
“You’re right…” Wayne said as he grabbed me around my waist and I wrapped my legs around him…  “I can’t believe I’m fucking you in public…” Wayne growled as he thrust himself up inside me…
“Yes Wayne… Fuck me…” I moaned as I wrapped my arms around his neck and fucked him back…
“You’re so turned on… and so am I…” Wayne breathed as he fucked me under the water…”

Twisted Mary 3

“You don’t think you can love this baby?”
“Mary… of course I can love this baby… I’m just not sure I can do this… again…”
“It’s not fair… what about what I want?”
“I thought you wanted me…”
“I do want you… but I also want this baby…”
“Mary… I love you… but I just can’t… not again…” he said as he started to cry…”
“I understand… you don’t want it… because it’s not yours… I get it…”
“Mary… please… you don’t know what I went through when I found out Starr wasn’t my daughter…”
“I’m sorry…”
“I know… I forgive you… but you broke my heart…”
“I’m sorry!” I cried…
“Mary…” Wayne said as he took my hands… “I love you… that’s in the past… but this… this is bringing all the hurt back to the surface… I just can’t do it… I’m sorry…”

Twisted Christmas

“Beautiee…” he laughed… “What’s so funny?” “I want what Jay said!” she laughed… “Oooohhh – you wanna Fuck!  Fuck!  Fuck!” Bazil laughed…  “Yes – I wanna Fuck!  Fuck!  Fuck!” Beautiee laughed… “So do I…” Bazil breathed as he started thrusting and Beautiee locked her feet behind his back…

“Stand up…” he commanded… “Okay…” Keisha said as she stood up and Troy put the belt around her… “Come here…” he said as he led her to the bed, walking backwards, fell back on the bed, and pulled Keisha down on top of him…

“Wayne… that’s it… right there… yes…fuck me!” “Uggh!  Uggh!  Uggh!  Uggh!  Uuuugggghhhh!” “So much for being quiet…” Mary laughed…

“Chandler…” Starr moaned… “Ssshhh…” Chandler whispered… “I can’t help it…” Starr moaned.  Chandler kissed her, put his tongue in her mouth, and covered her mouth with his to muffle her sounds…

“Charles!  Oh God!  Fuck me!  I’m cumming!” “Uggh!  Uggh!  Uggh!  Uggh!  Uuuugggghhhh!” “That was so fucking good!” Theresa breathed as she pulled Charles into a kiss…

Yes Please

Yes Please is a collection of erotic shorts that includes some of my earlier pieces as well as snippets from the following books available on amazon:

How Far Are You Willing To Go? Murder Is Just The Beginning
Twisted Beautiee
Erotic Zombies
Caught In The Middle

If you haven’t read any of my books yet, this will give you a preview of what you have to look forward to.  If you’ve read any of my books, this collection will introduce you to some of my earlier pieces as well as bring back pleasant memories.

Russian Roulette

“We’re going to play a game…” my husband said… “A game?” John asked… “Have you ever played Russian Roulette?” I asked as I stood up… “No…” Susan whispered… “Why the hell would we wanna play Russian Roulette?!” John snapped… “Because it’s one hell of a high…” my husband breathed as he spun the barrel of his gun… “I’m going to pull the trigger… if you’re lucky… you’ll take a drink… if not… your wife will be a widow…” “Oh God… Please… No…” Susan pleaded as my husband pulled the trigger… Find out what happens next as Halloween goes from fun & games to fear & murder in this erotic, psychotic, paranormal thriller.