I should be working but I can’t help myself… actually I could… but I don’t want to… I keep drifting back to the ‘work’ we did last night… my mind is ‘working’ with vivid, detailed, rewind and replay… my p**** is ‘working’ getting moist… my body is ‘working’ getting horny all over again… well… I guess I am ‘working’ right now… not at my job but hey… tee hee hee… My body is continuing to ‘work’ as my pulse is speeding up, my fever is rising, my face is blushing red, and my mind is continuously, vividly, recalling and replaying images of you… me… My breathing is increasing… oh well… I did sign on to the computer… my clit is ‘working’ right now… pressing hard against my panties… I’m looking at the computer… waiting for it to come up… The page cannot be displayed, the screen is white… but my mind continues to vividly replay you… me… this blank page has become my movie screen… I’m shutting this computer down… my body and mind are ‘working’ better than this computer ever will… My manager see’s my flushed face and realizes I’m ‘not feeling well’ and wishes me, “Feel better,” as I head out the door… People see me leaving the building and ask, “Aren’t you supposed to be at work?” and I yell, “Yea!” as I run past them towards the car… I’m right across the street from you and I run straight into the hotel to book a room… When you see me come in the front door of your building your mischevious smile let’s me know you’ve been ‘working’ as hard as I have… Your manager sees me and correctly assumes we have a ‘personal emergency’ and you need to leave right away… Your co-worker yells, “Hope everything’s alright!” as I take your hand and lead you out the door… We dart across the srteet and trot towards the elevator through the main lobby of the hotel and manage to get in the crowded elevator before the doors close… We reach the 28th floor and I dash out first, running down the corridor to room 5725 with you catching up to me, coming up behind me, grabbing my waist, and pressing your ‘work’ up against me… I snatch the room key out my pocket and thrust the key into the door, we fall into the room, and hit the table in the foyer… me on top of the table… you on top of me… You stand up and pull me up towards you as I wrap my legs around your waist… You carry me to the bed, throw me down on my back as you fall down on top of me… And we go to work!