3 Express

I must give a special shout out to those who rode the #3 Express Bus with me.  while riding the #3 Express Bus I made some of my best friends, rekindled relationsips with some old friends, laughed, cussed, argued, and petitioned with the best of them.  The passengers on the #3 Express Bus had a love-hate relationship – those of us who ‘ran the back’ loved to let people know it, those who thought we were immature, too loud, and needed to grow up hated it.  We loved good jokes, hated stress at work, and we loved sex anyway we could get it: jokes about doing it, how to do it, how not to do it, who to do it with, who not to do it with, who wanted to do it, who claimed they didn’t want to do it but was full of shit, how long you went during sex, how long you went without sex, what it smells like, what it tastes like. etc.

If your name isn’t mentioned, it isn’t because I forgot you – your face will stay with me always and all you have to do is tap me on the shoulder to bring us back to that moment:

Thanks to Letta, Denise (both of you) Khoury, Leticia aka Tish, Eric, Monique, Roberta, James, Mike, Roy, Scott, Paul, Diana, Vanessa, Nettie, Sherrie, Lisa, Taliba, Gina, Diedre (both of you) Carolyn, Bunny, Tim, Veronica, Yolanda, Wanda (both of you) Theresa, Joe, Jolene, Eddie, and Carlos who didn’t give a damn – he was gonna read those horoscopes!

Thanks to each of you for putting up with me in the morning when you couldn’t get your nap on because I wanted to talk about the latest book I was reading, soap operas, etc.

Thanks to all the Chicago Bulls Fans, Los Angeles Laker Fans, Indiana Pacer Fans, and the New York Knick Fans for all the conversations we had during the playoffs that would get so lively, some of the ladies would make room for us so we could give each other blow by blow and play by play – in fact, if you didn’t watch the playoffs you knew what was happening and you could go discuss it with others as if you had seats at the games – front row and center!

Thanks to each of you for screaming on me when you found out I wasn’t a New York Knick fan, thereby giving me the pleasure of bringing you a newspaper, showing the highlights, and giving you a plastic fork so you could literally ‘eat your words!’

Thanks to each of you for being gracious losers when you bet agains my favorite teams and for being gracious winners when I bet against yours.

Thanks to each of you for making the bus ride home the best part of my day!  This is where the life, love, and laughter began!