How Far Are You Willing To Go I (Explict)

“Your offer stands? I wish your mattress stood like your offer – then maybe we wouldn’t be spending Saturday morning in this fuckin’ office…” Bernice’s eyes damn near popped out of her head along with Tyler’s and Jordan’s. “Miss Robertson, please,” Gordon interjected. “Please what? Huh?” I got so close to that man Jordan and Tyler stood up at the same time. Jordan put his hand on my shoulder and Tyler sat back down. I remained standing, but I was nowhere through… “Please what?!” I got even louder. “Please forget that I could’ve broken my back? Please forget that the hotel staff and paramedics saw me sprawled out ass out? Please forget that what was supposed to be a night of passion turned into the night from hell? Please forget that I got a permanent fuckin’ scar on my forhead? Please forget that Jordan was accused of raping me? Is that what you want me to do?

How Far Are You Willing To Go II (Explict)

“Bitch, didn’t I tell you mind your fucking business?” Once we heard the rumbling we knew what was going on…”Get the fuck off me bitch!” Sissy yelled. Jordan and I were laughing with our hands over our mouths as we could tell that my mother was choking her… “Trudy, get the fuck off me!” my mother yelled. “Trenice come back…” Jordan tried to stop me but I was in the door already… “Get the fuck off my mother!” I yelled as I snatched Aunt Trudy by the back of the shirt… “Bitch please,” Aunt Trudy said as she pushed me to the floor… “Bang!”

How Far Are You Willing To Go III (Explict)

How Far Are You Willing To Go III (Explicit) “I just wanted everything to be perfect,”I cried as he stroked my hair. “Everything is perfect,” he said as he picked up my face and kissed me. “We’re here. Together. I don’t give a damn about the food. I just wanna make love to you,” he said as he pulled my face to his and kissed me passionately.” I wanna make love to you too,” I whispered as I started crying again. “Now that’s more like it,” he said as he started to lift up my skirt. “Trenice what the hell is this on your skirt? Is this blood?”

How Far Are You Willing To Go IV (Explict)

“So you gonna tell us what happened or do I have to make you tell us?” “I don’t have the energy to keep you from tickling me Rachel so let’s just eat – but I have to do one more thing before we eat…” “Ok Trenice – go ‘head.” “Can we all hold hands?” I asked. “Ok,” Jordan said as he took Rachel and Jake’s hands on the right side of the table and I took Jake and Rachel’s hands on the left side of the table.”Dear Lord, thank you for this food. Thank you for sending us such wonderful husbands. Thank you for showing me that I am not alone in this world and for being there with me when no one else could hear me. Thank you for bringing me back. Amen.” “Amen!” they all said in unison. “Trenice?” “Yea Rachel?” “What did you mean by that?”

How Far Are You Willing To Go V (Explict)

“Lord, please don’t let us wind up in jail,” I prayed as her husband grabbed Jordan around the waist and started kissing him on the back of the neck… “Oh hell no!” Jordan yelled as he turned around and was face to face with her husband. “Something wrong?” he asked. “You gotta back up off me with that,” Jordan said as he pushed her husband away from him. As her husband put his hands up and backed away from Jordan his wife pulled me close to her and started kissing me on my neck as she said, “I thought we could play with you…” “We wanna play – but not with you,” I snapped as I pushed her back.

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Twisted Beautiee

“I love him,” he sighed as he sat down and covered his face with his hands…. “And I love you too….”
“You love me? Since when?”
“I’ve always loved you Beautiee,” he said as he tried to put his hand on my shoulder.
“You got major issues,” I laughed as I pushed his hand off my shoulder.
“I’m serious Beautiee.”
“Well – you’ve got a fucked up way of showing it,” I laughed.
“I never meant to hurt you….,” he sighed.
“Yea – you and Willie have that in common,” I laughed.
“Look Beautiee…. we couldn’t help it….”
“Don’t waste your breath Trevor,” I interrupted as I got up to leave. “Ya know – it’s a shame you’re not straight,” I said as I put my gun in my bag and I put my bag on my shoulder. “You’re nice lookin’, you have a good job, a nice portfolio, and a nice dick – you could use a refresher course in how to please a woman but overall, I’d say you have potential,” I said as I put on my coat and headed towards the door….
“Fuck you Bitch!” he yelled.
“You just did,” I said as I slammed the door and headed down the corridor towards the elevator.

'Feed Me'

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